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Good writers make complex businesses easier to understand

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Good writers are integral to the B2B content marketing process, writes Radha Giri (@radhagiri) in Your Story last month.  Giri’s article, entitled:  7 traits to look for in B2B content marketersoutlines how content marketing has become “the backbone of most of marketing communications”, providing business with an opportunity “to create the image of being a knowledge partner” and “earn the respect and trust of the potential buyers.”

90% of organizations now marketing with content

Giri outlines that today, according to Demand Metric, “90% of organizations now market with content.”  And Thom Forbes reported yesterday in MediaPost (@mediapost) that a recent study found “global content marketing is expanding at a double-digit rate.”

Good writers integral to content marketing

Given the increasing importance of content as a component of the marketing process means writers must be central to this process.  Giri cites F. Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote:  “You don’t write because you want to say something….you write because you have something to say”.

“Good content writers live by [Fitzgerald’s] mantra”, she writes, “They don’t write for the sake of writing. They write insightful, entertaining, and useful content. Their words and style are their most cherished assets. Their writing serves the reader. They put their content in context, with the use of solid data, research and facts. Their content has logic and structure, which serves to clear the confusion from readers’ minds. Even if the business is complex, good writers make it simple and easy to understand.”

Good writers possess multiple skill sets

In today’s digital economy, Giri astutely observes the multiple skill sets good content writers must possess to be effective.  They include:

  • The ability to be a good story teller (echoed by Kevin Johnson recently)
  • The ability to understand and work with complex subject matters
  • Knowledge of social media
  • They are tech savvy

Looking ahead

Organizations seeking to market with content can use Giri’s advice as a guidepost when attempting to identify a good content writer.  The skill sets required for this mission-critical role are diverse and in-depth.  And those you might select to communicate your organization’s story — should possess all of them.

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