Middle Market Advisors: Diversify where and how you publish

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“More people are getting news from Facebook and Twitter than ever”, writes Julia Greenberg (@julia_greenbergin Wired this week, citing a new report from the Pew Research Center that “found that more than half of all Facebook and Twitter users get news from the sites, a significant increase for both services since 2013.”

Importantly, as Greenberg reports: “Users of all genders, ages, races, demographics, education levels, and household incomes claimed they increasingly got their news on Facebook in 2015 compared to 2013.”

Twitter and Facebook are both “pushing aggressively into news to meet that demand. Facebook launched Instant Articles earlier this year. Twitter meanwhile acquired Periscope, and also plans to release curated event-based feeds later this year” Greenberg reported.

Implications for Middle-Market advisors

Considered social media engagement anchored by high-quality publishing has become essential for maximum deal flow for Middle Market advisors.  This recent Pew Research Center report provides an additional nuance to what advisors ought to consider when assessing options about where to reach potential sources of deal flow.

With Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (which recently crossed over 1 million publishers on its’ blogging platform) pushing aggressively into online publishing – Middle Market advisors ought to follow.  Some are already blogging as an extra avenue to reach the Middle-Market C-Suite.  But we’re now beyond the question of whether Middle Market advisors ought to be online — it’s now about where and how.

Social Media adds to traditional in-person networking

As I outlined earlier this year in Axial Forum (@AxialCo) and important to keep in mind here is: “Strictly speaking, no middle-market advisor must use social media. Traditional in-person networking has, and will continue to have, a fundamental role in middle market dealmaking. But in an age where the internet is increasingly becoming the means of communication (Twitter alone has 284 million active users) — if you’re not using social media to source deals and create and nurture relationships – you are likely missing out on some opportunity.”

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