Why mobile copywriting is important for public affairs marketing

Mobile marketing has become an important tool for public affairs consultants seeking to communicate with key audiences.   As much as the internet has changed public affairs advocacy, it has equally changed how public affairs consulting practices attract and retain clients.   But simple mobile adoption is not enough.  Copywriting — tailored specifically for mobile audiences — has also become an essential element of public affairs marketing communications.

In 2011, Public Affairs Council (@PACouncilissued a report by Tom Price of the Foundation for Public Affairs, entitled:  Beyond Control:  How Social Media and Mobile Communication are Changing Public Affairs.

As Price outlined in the report: “Social media and mobile communications are causing a new wave of disruption [in the post internet world]. Facebook has more than 750 million active users. YouTube and Twitter are among the 10 most popular destinations on the Web. Wireless data traffic doubled during the first half of 2011, which means the U.S. now has more wireless devices than people.”

The state of mobile marketing in 2015

“Mobile is becoming the default device of choice not the laptop”, writes Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas) on his widely read blog about social media marketing.  “This device shift will be most prevalent in emerging nations including Asia and Africa as 3 billion more people go online on mobile devices. Not tethered personal computers.”  And “mobile marketing spend is predicted to hit $65 billion by 2019 in the US alone”, Bullas outlines.

Competitive pressures in public affairs is growing 

As Dave Keating (@DaveKeating), writing for DW, outlined in a video report earlier this month:  “Brussels, the capital of the European Union, has seen an explosion in lobbying and now has the most lobbyists in the world after Washington DC.”  Public affairs advisors therefore, face a growing challenge to attract new clients in the context of a rapidly changing mobile-driven communications landscape and more head-to-head competition.

The importance of copywriting for mobile audiences

Vital for public affairs advisors to remember too is that adopting the mobile medium also requires tailoring content for mobile readers.  “Those focusing too much on mobile usability are giving short shrift to mobile copywriting”, writes Neil Patel (@neilpatelin the Content Marketing Institute blog. “Content marketers must understand how and why mobile content matters, and how to create content that mobile readers will love.”  Patel outlines, among other things, the importance of strong headlines and brevity as essential for content tailored to the mobile reader.

So beyond adopting mobile-friendly technology, public affairs advisors should “write for mobile” to maximize marketing communications success.

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