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5 reasons to establish a corporate blog

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Edward Gerwin, Jr. recently outlined in UPS’ Longitudes blog how the internet is affording more opportunity to companies seeking to expand globally.   But importantly, with approximately 3 billion people connected to the internet — the opportunities for those who would seek to challenge companies already in existence — are also expanding.

Any company in existence today, therefore, should carefully assess what options it might have to expand its customer base and fend off potential new competitors.  A recent article in PR Daily by John P. David is instructive about what a corporate blog can do to help a company achieve competitive advantage in a digital age:

  1. Highlighting a company’s human resources to key audiences– Companies will have numerous human resources that will be of unique appeal to key audiences. From the CEO and senior management team to company staff at all other levels.  Highlighting their unique stories will help create trust and confidence in the company.  By creating a dynamic, online presence via a corporate blog – a company becomes more accessible and more responsive to customer opinion and desires.
  2. Articulating the company’s vision to a larger audience— A corporate blog opens a wider path of communication among both external and internal audiences. Importantly, some audiences may be more critical than others.  A blog can be used to explain the company’s plans, highlight accomplishments and build trust among potential partners, customers, investors, employees and industry press.  This direct and proprietary broadcast channel can be a powerful corporate communications tool.
  3. Underscoring and reiterating the company’s value– All companies have a vision, but they don’t often articulate that vision. A corporate blog helps differentiate a company from competitors and explain how it is always seeking to be an industry-leading organization.  Importantly, a well-written corporate blog can become uniquely appealing to key industry media.  This can help pave the way to earning valuable interviews and profiles in media channels key to bolstering corporate image and reputation.
  4. Creating a reliable communications channel between the company and its customers – A company blog which builds a following among key audiences also builds trust and goodwill at the same time. This can be particularly useful when a company is faced with the need to explain bad news, including challenges to revenue or a sudden crisis.  This communications channel allows a company to recover more quickly from adversity.
  5. Solidifying the company’s brand— A corporate brand in an interconnected world can contribute significant value to overall revenue goals. A corporate blog can build brand recognition in new markets and solidify it in traditional markets.  Any company that isn’t utilizing digital channels to solidify brand recognition is missing out on a valuable opportunity the digital marketing age offers.

One company blog worth emulating

One example of a company employing a blog effectively is United Parcel Service (UPS) — whose blog UPS Longitudes — was cited earlier in the post. UPS Longitudes regularly highlights corporate executive opinion on the markets and trends of most importance to UPS key audiences.  Any company seeking to expand a local or international client base — or compete with those aspiring to take market share from it — would be wise to emulate this and other similar company blogs.

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