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Why a good writer is important to social media success

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Writers are integral to the success of a company’s social media efforts, wrote Susanna Gebauer (@dreckbaerfrauin The Social Marketers Blog last April.  When it comes to marketing a business online, she explained, a writer is a “savior of your business”.  Why? Because writers create the most integral element of a social media marketing campaign: Good content.

And if you get that written content right, she explains: “…you have the chance of getting at least some of your content a significant amount of shares.” Shareable content, she adds, is what provides a business with the social media “traction” it needs.

Gebauer listed 8 reasons why your team needs a writer:

  1. Without content you have no chance of social media success— “I doubt that there is a successful social media marketing strategy without content. You need to provide value on your social channels or no one is going to follow you.”
  2. You need your own content—  “you can easily curate great content and this way provide value from other peoples’ content.  But curated content is only to get you so far. “how is all that curated content going to bring you any visitors to your own site? When all the value you provide originates from somewhere else, why should people listen to you as source?”
  3. A writer can provide you with all the content you need– “You can produce an endless stream of great content” with a good writer.
  4. In social media, more content can lead to more success— “…repeating the same boring sales messages over and over again. Most of the time that is not going to work. Most of the time this behavior can actually hurt your accounts and reputation”
  5. In social media, content is the key to pushing growth— “People do not love to follow over promotional accounts in social media. They like to follow accounts that provide value. If you have more great content to push with your social accounts, you can push growth” “A writer can help you to produce the content that provides value.”
  6. Good written content is a door opener— “A good writer also can help you connect to the influencers”
  7. Marketing messages work better if written well— “The better your content is written, the better will be your results.”
  8. Copy is everywhere and good copy counts— “Newsletters, your website, brochures, whitepapers, … Good copy is needed almost everywhere in your business.”

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