How social media is helping legacy media reach new heights

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As Lucia Moses (@lmoses) reported today in DigiDay, The Washington Post recently surpassed the New York Times in online traffic via a strategy that includes increased social media engagement efforts, including:


“Digital news outlets today can no longer assume readers will come to them, so they need a strong social distribution strategy to reach readers where they are”, as Moses reported.

In particular, “The Post has been aggressive in distributing its content far and wide, from Facebook Instant Articles to Apple News, and its numbers reflect that”.  And “(Two viral hits in June helped make [The Post] the 20th-most-engaging publisher on Facebook, according to Newswhip.)”.


Moses detailed how: “The Post’s total audience grew 59 percent in the past year, according to comScore. But while the desktop audience grew just 6 percent, the mobile audience nearly doubled.” [emphasis added]


“The Post’s most popular stories show a traditional newsroom balancing the demand for viral hits with hard news coverage.”

Fast-paced blogs

“The Post also has been breathing new life into its fast-paced blogs, and that effort has paid off”, as Post executive editor Martin Baron (@PostBaron) told Moses.

Lessons for the corporate and professional services sectors

Corporate and professional services would be wise to emulate the success the Washington Post has achieved via a well-thought-out social strategy.  Substantive, well-written content combined with proactive social media engagement on the best platforms will generate more traffic.

Businesses need to be online

As Stephanie Sammons has outlined in WiredAdvisor:  More business are realizing “that they need to be self-publishing to attract and retain clients in the digital age.”  “You may think of yourself as being influential,” she writes, “but if you’re not blogging in the digital age, you’re likely not going to be influencing anyone online.”

Good Content + Effective Mobile/Social Engagement are key to success

Barbara McKinney explains in an article published on exploreB2B (citing Derek Miller): “With every content marketing shooting for ways to stand out from among the competition, one simply cannot settle with mediocrity. The only way to compete is to offer something quite unique, and rich-media content is the go-to “variety” that everyone is looking for.

“Mobile is becoming the default device of choice not the laptop”, writes Jeff Bullas (@jeffbullas) on his widely read blog about social media marketing.  “This device shift will be most prevalent in emerging nations including Asia and Africa as 3 billion more people go online on mobile devices. Not tethered personal computers.”  And “mobile marketing spend is predicted to hit $65 billion by 2019 in the US alone”, Bullas outlines.

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