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Social media savvy writers in demand in a digital age

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Companies are increasingly seeing digital engagement and attracting and retaining the talent needed to accomplish this goal — as integral to their future growth, as McKinsey recently outlined in a report entitled:  Cracking the digital code: McKinsey Global Survey results.  But as the Society for Human Resource Management (@SHRM) detailed in reporting on the McKinsey study —  most companies are challenged in achieving these goals.

Custom content critical to digital engagement

Critical to digital engagement is custom content focused on not only attracting but  also engaging key audiences on social media platforms, as Annette Novak explained in an article published by the International News Media Association (@INMAorg).

Social Media Savvy writers essential for effective digital engagement

Integral to the creation of custom written content in a digital age are writers who are capable of interacting with their readers, as Kathryn Roethel reported from Stanford’s Future of Freelancing Conference.

Karen Steen, then senior editor at BNET and now with SPUR, told Roethel, “expects [her organization’s] bloggers to be proficient in all areas of publishing – many of which never used to be expected of writers. ‘When you’re a blogger, you publish your own stuff,’ Steen said. ‘You’re the writer, the photographer, the copy editor, the video producer. You have to optimize for search engines and choose topics that will be of interest.'”

Superior writing skills remain essential

But vitally, as Marcia Parker,’s former west coast editorial director, now with, told Roethel: “You still have to have good journalism skills for digital writing…that’s the thing we value most. Think of the rest as using technology to find new ways to connect with your readers.

Writers integral to corporate growth

Companies need, therefore, great writers, uniquely attuned to the myriad demands of social media engagement, to help them achieve the growth they seek.

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