How Public Affairs advisors can leverage social media to reach a global audience

Social Media provides “an endlessly scalable platform for broadcasting messages to mass audiences”, according to Ryan Holmes (@invoker), CEO of HootSuite, in a recent article on the World Economic Forum website.  Holmes also noted that while many CEO’s of major corporations aren’t on social media, their customers increasingly are.

The importance of Holmes’ message apply equally to the senior management of public affairs consultancies in capital cities around the world including Brussels and Washington, DC.

Social Media Usage Rapidly Increasingly

Holmes detailed that: “Globally, more than 2 billion people are now on social media. The average user spends nearly 2 hours a day on social platforms. Studies have shown that Millennials watch more YouTube than TV and three out of four consumers say social media impacts their buying decisions.”

Social Media represents $1.3 Trillion in Value

“Social media represents a cultural shift, not just a technological one, and it’s making the leap to the workplace” Holmes explains. “$1.3 trillion in value stands to be unlocked by companies who figure out how to apply social technologies in the years ahead – not just as marketing tools, but in sales, customer service and internal communications.”

3 Core Social Media Steps for Public Affairs Advisors

Public Affairs Advisors seeking to establish a social media presence can create and nurture a client-building initiative around 3 core steps:

  1. Publish  well-researched articles on a regular basis focused on the needs of ideal new potential clients.  Public Affairs advisors can create their own blog and/or publish on LinkedIn or other key platforms including sector-focused and other key widely-read online publications where your audiences will be seeking your expertise.
  2. Create and effectively manage the key social media platforms most widely turned to for news and information by their key audiences, including Twitter.
  3. Integrate any social media publishing effort with existing outbound business development activities to maximize return on investment (ROI). For example, instant opportunities and dangers for clients in your jurisdiction can inform publishing activities.  And those articles can then be proactively utilized by firm consultants and senior management to reach out to existing and new potential clients – as a means to generate more active conversations around how your services can help those clients achieve vital objectives.

Prepare for the future

Public affairs advisors have been adapting to the needs of clients by utilizing social media on their behalf.  But where there is a genuine potential danger is in not adopting social media as a means by which to attract new clients.  As Holmes notes: “Social media is where your customers are; shouldn’t you be there, too?”

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