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4 essential qualities to look for in a Public Affairs content writer

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As online communications continue to disrupt traditional industries, so too are they impacting both the practice of Public Affairs advocacy, as well as the ability of advisors to attract and retain new clients.

Importantly, communications have now become global and instant and public affairs advisors are both helping clients navigate these environments — as well as harnessing digital platforms like blogs and social media for their own business development purposes.

Why writers are essential for both Public Affairs practice and marketing

As Susanna Gebauer detailed in The Social M’s Blog, writers are essential to the success of any organization because the production of content of unique appeal to your key audiences is imperative for success in a social-media driven communication age.

Any public affairs firm, therefore, should seek to retain the best available professional writers capable of uniquely articulating its’ value proposition to — and on behalf of — clients.  With that in mind — here’s 4 qualities an excellent Public Affairs content writer should possess:

Deep experience in the public affairs industry — Public Affairs advocacy is a unique and rarefied specialism often difficult to explain to clients – and requiring deft articulation in written form when advocating on behalf of those clients.  Therefore, anyone seeking to provide writing services to a public affairs consultancy, ought to possess a deep understand of the industry.  Does he or she have direct experience of public affairs advocacy initiatives before legislative and regulatory bodies, non-governmental organizations – on a domestic or international basis?  How deep and extensive is that experience?  Look for this as a prerequisite to the ability to articulate the most sophisticated messages on behalf of your firm.

Deep public affairs industry writing & editing experience — Above and beyond experience in the industry – is the need to have experience in writing about public affairs – both from the standpoint of client advocacy – as well as client development.  Both these skills together permit a writer to have a 360 degree capability to write both on client campaigns and for business development and marketing efforts aimed at attracting and retaining new and existing clients.  

Comprehensive knowledge of digital media promotion — The competitive landscape both for public affairs advocacy and marketing and business development aimed at public affairs clients — has been transformed by the internet.  The methods and mediums used to communicate to key audiences are now changing rapidly year-on-year.  An excellent content writer will be aware of this changing landscape and the digital mediums and methods ideal for use by public affairs agencies.

Deep understanding of the connection between digital media and business development — Since the adoption of internet-based content marketing as a means by which to attract and retain clients – traditional methods of business development have adapted and changed as a result.  But many of the fundamental principles of superior business development still apply.  An excellent public affairs writer will understand these distinctions and how both disciplines complement one-another — rendering him or her capable of producing superior written content for both online and offline use.

Looking forward

Public Affairs firms that grasp the importance of excellent writing in a digital age both for client advocacy as well as new business development – and who seek to secure the services of writers possessing all of the four attributes I’ve described above — will in the years ahead be superbly positioned to both maximize client outcomes as well as increase firm revenue.

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