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How social media is being used to successfully promote international trade and investment

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Organizations supporting international trade and investment facilitation are “exploring new platforms and showing greater confidence in their abilities to use social media effectively”, according to a recent Holmes Report, citing a study by Kellen and ComRes.

International Social Media Brings Unique Challenges

And as Business Wales explains: “Social media can be a great way to connect with customers abroad, building your brand, providing services and reducing the distance between your company and its markets.”  But they also caution that as in any form of international business — “conducting conversations around the globe on Facebook, Twitter and the like brings new challenges. The good news [is] – as [is] so often [the case] with social media…most of these primarily need thought, rather than investment.”

As they detail, the prime steps in establishing a presence include defining your goals and how your social presence can help you achieve them, choosing the right channels, planning a content strategy, choosing people to manage day-to-day operations and regular updates – and importantly, constant monitoring.

Seek to emulate the World Economic Forum

Perhaps the most successful example of social media use by an organization seeking to facilitate international trade and investment is the World Economic Forum (WEF).  As Andy Vale (@AndyValedetailed in an extensive article for the Content Marketing Institute — the WEF has established a robust social media presence in an effort to promote its’ work on a global scale.  

As a part of his article, Vale interviewed Henry Taylor (@henryctaylor), the social media producer for the WEF.  Taylor explained to Vale how WEF’s prime social media activity is content from their blog.  Too, WEF has several large meetings per year, which Taylor and the WEF social media team actively promote across their branded social networks – marshalling support from a range of influencers across a variety of platforms all helping to amplify the message of each event.  They also support conversations online by direct mail and direct engagement with journalists via Twitter’s direct messaging system.  The social media success of it’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland is a prime example of the fantastic success the WEF social media team have helped the organization achieve on a global scale.

As one of the world’s pre-eminent trade and investment facilitation organizations that’s also successfully leveraged social media to amplify its’ message and achieve its’ goals — the WEF is well worth emulating.

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