Why businesses need “internet writers”

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Writing for an internet audience helps publishers better communicate with readers who are increasingly using mobile devices and social media platforms to access what they read, as two recent articles detail.

The internet has transformed how writing is consumed

As Declan Mulkeen detailed in allBusiness: “Social media has become an invaluable tool for companies to build their business[es] by sharing information and increasing brand awareness”. But vitally, as he explains, the production of well written content remains integral to the success of any business with a social media presence.

And as Genni Boatwright recently observed: “So many people now rely on social media for their news that news outlets are being forced to adapt how they deliver content in order to stay relevant”.  As businesses are also now utilizing social platforms to disseminate news and information in ways similar to newspapers, Bowtwright’s observations about newspapers apply equally to businesses which use the internet to promote themselves.

Writing for the internet seen as unique

As Mulkeen explains, writing for the internet is unique from writing for print publications.  As he explains: “Print content has longevity, is more static and has more uniform style because you usually know your audience. Online writing, on the other hand, with its visuals and links, is dynamic and draws readership from different demographics with varying knowledge, levels, and interests. Its style is also more conversational in nature”.

Mulkeen cites “a study by Nielsen Norman Group, [which] found that 79 percent of text users always scanned new pages and only 16 percent read word-by-word”. Therefore, Mulkeen argues: “To derive the maximum benefits from social media, you need to have a team of social media writers, qualified and equipped with highly specialized and creative business writing skills.”

Some key elements of internet writing

Some key elements of internet writing include writing with brevity, utilizing graphics and photography that capture reader attention on mobile devices, utilizing mobile-friendly writing platforms (WordPress is a superb example of one of these platforms, designed primarily for publishing on the internet). Asking yourself what you have to offer the reader before beginning the writing process is also very important, according to Mulkeen.

“Internet writing” key to online success

By utilizing content created by writers who possess an understanding of how to effectively write for social media platforms and the devices used to access the internet, Mulkeen argues, business will increase their readership and the ability for their content to be shared, which will result in a larger audience and more revenue in the long run.

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