Hiring a freelance writer – 6 points to consider

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Content is the foundation for every form of digital marketing

Hiring a freelance writer is frequently an issue for businesses and organizations actively involved in publishing online.  As Regine Pamular explains in Content Monsta: “Content is the foundation for every type of digital form of marketing out there – be it social media, content, email, or inbound marketing. In other words, you can’t have a marketing campaign if there is no content to be had…nor can it work effectively with poorly or uninspired and uninformed material”.

Advice for hiring a freelance writer

Scott Wentworth explains on Wentworth Communications blog what you may wish to consider before and after retaining a freelance writer.  Here’s a list of the most essential of those considerations:

  1. Would you prefer a writer with a demonstrated expertise in your business focus?
  2. Is your need primarily editing and/or the research and writing of original content?
  3. Once you’ve selected a writer, make sure to establish an editorial calendar to ensure your content will be produced in a timely fashion.
  4. Consider providing your new writer with examples of what you’ve previously produced, and which you’d like the writer to emulate.
  5. Demonstrated expertise in the subject matter you’d like your writer to focus on will cost more and is worth the financial outlay.
  6. The promotion of content is vital to its’ success. Therefore, you may wish to select a writer with a demonstrated capability to promote content online via specialized publishing platforms and social media channels.

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