Why inactive social media accounts can damage business credibility

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Twitter and other social media accounts are proven to be very helpful to businesses in generating new client leads and awareness.  At the same time, some businesses sometimes abandon their social media channels.  In this blogpost, I’ll detail what the implications are for businesses that do abandon their social media accounts, and what they might consider doing if this step has been taken.  Before this overview, I’ll first outline how social media is helpful for businesses.

Most B2B businesses market on Twitter

75% of B2B businesses market on Twitter, as Paige Cooper details on hootsuite.  And as Hans Fredrick explains in azcentral, Twitter is an important means for businesses to “reach potential customers far outside your normal marketing methodologies”. Social media followers, he explains “become the distributors of your message, so their followers see mentions of your company as coming from a trusted source. This adds credibility to your company and spreads your message to previously untapped demographics”.

Social media helps generate business leads

And as Marketing in Asia recently tweeted: “Businesses that effectively use their social media presence enjoy a 49% increase in generating new leads. They don’t just promote stuff, but they engage with customers, get their feedback, and come up with the right action plan that will ultimately lead to higher sales.”

Implications of abandoning business social media accounts

Despite the importance of Twitter for businesses, the site of abandoned Twitter accounts is not uncommon.  Addressing this question, Catherine Hatch explains in ImageWorksBlog that:  “One of the best advantages to social media is its ability to build the credibility of your business. It humanizes your brand and allows users to see your business as trustworthy, while allowing followers to get to know your business. When you don’t actively engage in social media, you miss out on this opportunity. When you stop posting, your followers will assume you’ve lost interest in them and in promoting your brand. The loss of online credibility is a significant consequence to the failure to keep business social media accounts active.”

When this situation occurs, Hatch recommends either deleting your accountant(s), or making them a priority again, which may require hiring a social media manager.  Re-establishing your business social media accounts with an experienced social media manager is a cost-effective means by which to continue to maintain your business presence on social media, while also generate new business leads.  Once you’ve established your social media accounts, it’s wise to ensure you continue to maintain them for all the reasons I’ve outlined above.

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