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Why Twitter is essential to securing wider attention for your press release

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Social Media Essential to News Consumers and News Disseminators

Social media giant Twitter has become essential for organizations to secure significant attention for their press releases, as Melissa Thompson writes on tweeternet blog.

As she explains: “The power of Twitter for businesses has grown immensely over the past few years. Newsworthy content for businesses can no longer get significant coverage from issuing a press release to traditional media sources, alone. Sharing your press release on Twitter allows your message to reach a more targeted, relevant audience…”

And as the BBC details: “Social media is becoming an increasingly important tool for journalists for finding news content and distributing stories to their audience”.

In fact, because new media powered by social platforms like Twitter have become so powerful, Twitter is more important to your media relations strategy than traditional distribution like email, as Prezly blog outlines.  Indeed, publishing press releases via social media outperforms traditional methods of distribution via email and other methods, by up to 9.7 times as many views, they detail.

By utilizing social media for press release distribution, rather than inside a pitch email, means journalists and other influencers can find your press releases through your Twitter feed, through Google searches, and link to them and share them on social media.

Issuing Press Releases?  Why Your Organization Must be on Twitter

Despite what I’ve detailed above, it’s not unusual to see organizations with no or inactive Twitter accounts still using public relations firms to create and distribute their press releases without use of social media or creative engagement with influencers.  By ignoring social media distribution, organizations are cutting themselves off from the most effective means by which to increase attention for their press release.  As well, is it more or less likely journalists and influencers will cover your story when they see you’re not making the effort on Twitter, rather relying on them to tell your organization’s story online?  I’d suggest it’s much less likely.

The solution to this issue (and the means by which to secure more attention for your press release) is, as Melissa Thompson explains, make sure your company “has a solid presence on Twitter”.  This includes building up daily a following by tweeting and interacting with followers.

In closing I’d suggest organizations ought to view their Twitter account as their virtual newsroom. Recognize its’ importance, staff it with professionals with deep media relations and social media experience and take engagement on the platform very seriously.

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