Do you want to work remotely? Learn how from these inspiring remote workers & digital nomads

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In this blogpost I’m focusing on some very interesting digital nomad bloggers and vloggers – who discuss all sorts of subjects related to digital nomad life.  From how to get started and find remote work – to how to adjust to remote, digital nomadic life. I’ll also focus on remote work advocates, remote businesses and others who together are a superb resource for anyone interested in becoming a remote worker or a digital nomad.

Some background

Wherever I turn today for news and information about the future of work – remote work is being discussed more and more.  And when it’s discussed it’s being increasingly defined as the future of work.  Taking part in those discussions are both the management of companies that hire remote workers – and the remote workers themselves.  Some of these workers work remotely from home – and others travel full or part time – and are often referred to as digital nomads.  And more journalists are also covering remote work.

Heavily regulated professional services are turning to remote work

Already in the heavily regulated professions of law and accounting – changes are being seen in the acceptance of remote work. Already the legal profession has some firms that utilize remote lawyers and legal professionals to help them drive efficiency, curtail costs and provide more value to clients. And in the accounting profession, according to a podcast by Daniel Hood on accountingtoday — more workers want flexibility, and more employers are willing to accommodate those desires (which also allows employers to lower overhead costs).  The signifance of heavily regulated professional services turning to remote work tells me that remote work is indeed the future of work.

The just concluded Remote Work Summit defined remote work as “the future of work”

In the just completed Remote Work Summit – a wide range of leaders in remote work and those interested in the subject from around the world gathered online for a series of virtual interviews and conversations. The Summit’s discussions demonstrated how seriously remote work is now being taken by many organizations.  Among those interviewed during the summit was Hailley Griffis (@hailleymari), Head of Public Relations for Buffer, which recently conducted a study called the State of Remote Work, which reflects that remote work is growing and, as Griffis described it, “is the future of work”.

Google sees remote work as a win-win for companies and workers alike

And recently, Google conducted a 2-year-long study of 5,000 of its’ own remote workers.  The Google study found that remote work can be a success for both workers and the companies that employ them by increasing worker happiness and reducing employer overhead, as Justin Bariso reported in Inc.

Recent documentaries chronicle the lives of digital nomads

There have been some recent documentaries and reports which provide some fascinating insights into what digital nomad life is like and how some businesses are adapting to help digital nomads succeed.  For example, DW has produced a documentary entitled: Working online and travelling the world – digital nomads. And 2geeks1city has produced: Digital Nomads: The Documentary.  And an emerging trend among some digital nomads is co-living, which is being helped by some very entrepreneurial businesses — as CNBC’s Xin En Lee (@entinomy) reports.

Learn from these inspiring remote workers & digital nomads

With that background, here are some fascinating and inspiring digital nomads and remote workers, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and commentators (as well as some companies), who can help you realize the dream of becoming a digital nomad or remote worker.

Many more influential thinkers, bloggers and thought leaders in the world of remote work are detailed by writers including Thomas Busson (@ThomasBusson2), who authored an article entitled The Top Digital Nomad Travel Blogs to Follow in 2019 – and Charlie Birch, who authored an article on Remote Work Retreat Company Rebel Connect blog entitled: Remote Work Pulse – 22 Thought Leaders and Influencers to Keep Your Eye On In 2018

As is the case with any compendium like this – I’m certain I have missed many people.  Where I have — please consider adding them to the comments section below.  But overall, I think those I’ve listed above should be very helpful for anyone interested in beginning to research life as a remote worker or digital nomad.  I know many of them have inspired me, as I’ve worked primarily remotely or as a digital nomad for many years now.

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