Blogging for Business – Consistency is Vital – Here’s How to Maintain It

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If your business publishes a blog it is essential that you publish consistently.

Cristian Mihai, author of The Art of Blogging explains the importance of consistency in blogging very well:

“What if your favorite TV show suddenly started misbehaving like this: they release one episode today, another one tomorrow, then nothing for three weeks, then they release another episode, one week off, then another episode, then another one the next day… And they wouldn’t tell anyone when the next episode will be released, or on what Channel. They won’t even stick to the same hour…

No matter how good the TV show, you’re going to quit watching.”

This – Cristian explains – is analogous to a blog.  If you don’t publish consistently, people will stop reading.

International Business Bloggers Must Maintain Consistency

So it is essential that if you are blogging for business you must maintain consistency.  This I believe applies particularly for international businesses – as blogging for an international audience means your blog may be your primary means of communication with prospective clients, referral sources, business partners – long before an actual face to face meeting.

The Importance of an Editorial Calendar

I wrote previously about how to solve the issue of maintaining consistent blogging efforts, where I cited Sydney Rayl of Turn the Page Online Marketing – who explains — successful content marketing “means building a loyal following that trusts your brand for quality content and provides you with repeat business”.  Vitally, as Rayl also explains, “the key to achieving a successful content marketing strategy is to consistently [produce] high-quality content that is focused on what you’re audiences wants to see”.  And the best way to do this, Rayl notes, is by adopting and committing to utilize an editorial calendar.

The Importance of Naming and Empowering an Editor

In this blogpost, I’m going to get very specific and very succinct about what to do to maintain your blog consistently, of which an editorial calendar is but one part.

  • Appoint an editor – Whether this person is internal staff or a freelance writer and editor – name an experienced writer and editor who understands from experience how to make sure the content calendar is adhered to.
  • Empower your editor — Your editor’s responsibilities should include the authority for managing your WordPress site and pressing the “publish” button. This is not an easy task as most organizations do not adhere to editorial calendars as, for examples, newspapers do.
  • Build a Core Group of Internal Staff Dedicated to the Blogs’ Success — Identify the core group of people in your organization that will commit to participating in the editorial process – e.g. subject matter experts, writers and editors, for example. Get their commitment to the project and work together as a team to make the process produce the best blog you can possibly create.
  • Commit to a specific number of posts per month — Entrust the editor to ensure that those posts are published. Problems frequently arise where, for example, one (or more) articles envisioned for a particular month are with a member of the core group commited to the project — but someone is under the weather or hasn’t had a chance to edit because he or she has an unusually high commitment to other responsibilities. In these cases — an experienced editor will have additional pieces available for publication (or be very capable of creating them quickly) in lieu of those that are held up.

These are some of the most important ways to ensure that your content will be produced and published in a timely fashion.  What might happen if you don’t appoint an experienced editor?  Well, as Cristian details –  I believe you’ll begin to lose readers and you’ll also begin to lose authority in the areas of expertise you maintain – as your competitors will probably be publishing consistently when you are not doing so.  This could lead to loss of potential referral business, loss of potential new contacts in new markets where you may be travelling soon, and more.

Overall, I would strongly encourage any business seeking to build an online presence where blogging is a component of that presence – to secure the services of an experienced editor – who will make sure your business publication runs like the rest of your business – with the precision necessary for success.

I help business maintain a consistent publishing presence by providing outside editorial services.  If you’d like to discuss how I can help your business maintain your blogging schedule – please connect with me on LinkedIn or complete the form below and I’ll contact you promptly:

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