5 ways to promote content for maximum reach

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If you’re publishing written content to promote your business – it’s essential you must also promote that content to achieve maximum reach.

What are the key elements of a content promotion strategy?

Kevin Bloom, writing on Hing Marketing’s blog, details 5 of them:

  1. Make sure your blogposts are socially shareable – Every blogpost you publish should contain social sharing buttons at the end of each article – which lets readers share your posts to their favorite social media sites.  Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are essentials, but it’s important to also include other popular sites.  If you’re publishing on the WordPress platform (which I strongly recommend – wpbeginner blog details: 40+ Most Notable Big Name Brands that are Using WordPress), you’ll have the option to include the most widely used sharing buttons on your posts with a standard theme.  You’ll also have the option to utilize plugins which give you more sharing options.
  2. Publish your content on a mobile friendly platform – More and more people are reading content on their mobile phones. Therefore, it’s essential you publish on a mobile-friendly platform (again, I recommend WordPress – which is mobile-friendly).  Have you ever tried to read an article which is contained on a website that’s not mobile friendly?  It’s not a good experience.  Make sure your readers don’t have that same bad experience.  I detailed in a blogpost in 2015 how in addition to using a mobile friendly platform, copywriting for mobile is also very important.
  3. Ask readers to share your content – Kevin makes a very important and often overlooked point here. That is – the importance of simply asking your readers to share your content.  I would suggest, however, that as Kevin points out – make sure the request is made tastefully and non-intrusively.  He suggests using the phrase: “Please share if you have found this useful”.
  4. Share content at optimal times – If you’re a business – many of your key audiences are likely to be on social media during the workday.  If you’re an international business – that workday may encompass many different time-zones.  I’ve also read that sharing on the weekend can be helpful – as many people do check LinkedIn and other social platforms for business information when not at work (Dhariana Lozano explains why and how to post to social media on the weekends in this blogpost).  Try also to anticipate when your ideal audience will be viewing social media and share then regularly. I noted in a recent blogpost how Twitter in particular can help in the promotion of press releases – when utilized at the most optimal times
  5. Make sure your content is shareable – You should always strive to produce content that is useful for your ideal audiences. You should therefore write to provide your audience with useful and timely information – on a regular basis.  Regular updates like this will go a long way to help making you a leading, highly credible voice in your industry.

In addition to the points above, I would encourage any businesses to emulate the social media success of the World Economic Forum.  Not long ago, this respected institution didn’t utilize social media or blogging to promote itself.  Now they are an enormous social media success.  I detailed that success in a in a 2018 article.  Even if your business is small, there’s much you can emulate from the WEF’s success.

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