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Thought Leadership: It’s not just for the C-Suite

Most B2B companies are now seeking to develop conversations with the C-suite via the creation of thought leadership-level content marketing initiatives, as UK based consultancy Longitude detailed in a recent article.

Thought leadership:  A superior element in the content marketing toolbox

Thought leadership in the context of content marketing is regarded as superior, according to Gabriel Shaoolian of Blue Fountain Media in New York, because it’s “more compelling….[and] has built-in authority, clear perspective, and inherent trustworthiness.”  Importantly, as Shaoolian further explains: “Because thought leadership showcases expertise and authority within an industry, it has the benefit of building trust between a brand and its audience. Consumers recognize a brand’s expertise in their industry as a signal that the brand is among the best at what they do.”

The value of content marketing in the broader context (and thought leadership specifically, therefore) is succinctly summed up by Michael J Schiemer, who explains that it measurably increases website traffic, search engine optimization (SEO), branding, exposure, and ultimately more prospects and clients/customers.  And importantly, as Schiemer explains, it increases the perception your organization is connected and legitimate, while being able to be seamlessly integrated into an organization’s overall business development and marketing strategy.

Refined thought leadership an avenue to precision-targeting within organizations

Longitude persuasively argues that in the strategic development of thought leadership, focusing on the most senior people isn’t the most appropriate strategy when buyers of your services may be within different business units.  They argue, therefore, for the creation of thought leadership content that takes into consideration buyers of your services from other business units, while at the same time being mindful of the influence the C-suite may have in those purchasing decisions.

“Big purchasing decisions within large corporates are typically made across a leadership team. Thought leadership campaigns, therefore, need to speak to each of these different stakeholders as individuals”, they explain.

Quality thought leadership leads to revenue in shorter time frames

Longitude concludes by emphasizing that thought leadership is fundamentally characterized by quality.  In some cases, they note, a single thought leadership piece can generate a meeting which results in an immediate engagement. Superior thought leadership can, therefore, cut through the noise generated by an avalanche of generic content marketing to help achieve substantial revenue in short time frames.

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10 ways to use Twitter to promote business blogs

Blogs are a very effective method for generating new business leads, however a blog itself needs to be promoted to be fully effective.  Among the most effective ways to promote a blog is informed use of Twitter, as Wishpond details.  

Twitter is a social media channel utilized by many prospective clients, customers, influencers and media in your industry. Notably, recent studies reflect the increasing utilization of Twitter by businesses to engage key audiences including potential clients or customers.Proactive use of Twitter, therefore, will expand exposure for your blog among these key audiences.  

Lisa Bruckner, a small business entrepreneur, has written about how Twitter has been a  “powerful business communication tool” which helped her grow her business and business blog via connecting her with ideal prospective customers quickly and efficiently.  

For those who are or planning to utilize a blog to promote their business, here’s a list of 10 ways (curated from a larger list from Wishpond) to most effectively use Twitter to support your blog:

  1. Use Short Tweets – as they generate a higher interaction rate.  When posting tweets, it’s not necessary to post the original article title.  
  2. Post an excerpt from the article – Studies reflect that tweets including quotes are more likely to be retweeted.
  3. Include statistics – Numbers and characters makes tweets stand out amidst many other tweets in readers timelines
  4. Use #hashtags – Hashtags are regularly used and help connect you to users beyond your followers
  5. Use @mentions — Mention prominent bloggers, companies or clients/customers via a tweet that links to your post
  6. Retweet Mentioned Blog Content — If someone mentions your blog content on Twitter, retweet their tweet.”
  7. Ask for a Retweet – This leads to more shares
  8. Use Images – These increase interaction with posts and, and drive traffic back to blogs
  9. Pose Topical Questions — This increases curiosity and engagement from readers
  10. Include a link to your blog bio or other posts – This will increase traffic to other sections of your blog

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Companies that publish are growing at “breakneck speed”

Companies that publish are growing at “breakneck speed”, according to Neil Patel, in a recent article in Inc.  

As Patel detailed: “Companies that defy expectations, disrupt industries, and forge an indelible presence” are achieving that growth.  These companies, he added, are also solving big problems, doing good — and doing content marketing better.

Patel cited Buzzfeed and BufferApp — which have both grown enormous online audiences as a result of producing and publishing useful information tailored to the interests of their readers. Another standout in online news — Business Insider — was purchased last year for $442 Million dollars – $200 Million more than what the Washington Post sold for in 2013.  

Content marketing – A modern marketing must-have

“Content marketing is a modern marketing must-have” Patel explains —  but for companies to do it right – they must “create value (in content form) for the right people to see”.  As [customers and potential clients]…engage with this content, it brings them closer to a conversion”.  And these conversations lead to more client engagements.

While your company may not be able to achieve the success of Buzzfeed, Business Insider or BufferApp,  you can – as Patel explains, “grow your content, improve your traffic, and deliver the information that your audience wants.”

Social Media Engagement is key to maximizing content marketing efforts

While content marketing has become a must-have for businesses.  Publishing on a company blog or on LinkedIn — isn’t enough in today’s modern social-media driven environment.  Social media promotion of that content is also essential.  A case in point is the Washington Post,  which recently surpassed the New York Times in online traffic via a strategy that includes increased social media engagement.  Notably, Neal Schaffer has detailed 11 ways to use social media to promote content.

While successful online content and social publishing may seem a daunting challenge to emulate – keep in mind they are examples whose best use is to serve as a constant source of inspiration for your own — albeit less extensive efforts —  to generate a larger client base in your unique niche.

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